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King Bearings XP-Series Connecting Rod Bearings (H22A/F20C/F22C-Engines)

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This product fits on the following car models:

Honda Accord 1998-2001 4-door sedan 2.2i Type R (H22A7 - CH/CG)
Honda Accord 2001-2003 4-door sedan 2.2i Type R (H22A7 - CH1)
Honda Prelude 1992-1996 2-door coupe 2.2i VTEC (H22A2 - BB1)
Honda Prelude 1997-2001 2-door coupe 2.2 VTi (H22A5/A8 - BB6/8)
Honda Prelude 1997-2001 2-door coupe 2.2 VTi-S (H22A5/A8 - BB6)
Honda S2000 1999-2004 2-door cabriolet 2.0i (F20C2 - AP1)
Honda S2000 2004-2009 2-door cabriolet 2.0i (F20C2 - AP1)
Honda S2000 2004-2009 2-door cabriolet 2.2i (F22 - AP2)


King Bearings XP-Series Connecting Rod Bearings
BK-CR4046XP 000

Founded in 1960, King Engine Bearings is a world-class developer and manufacturer of engine bearings for automobiles, light to heavy-duty trucks, marine, aviation, standby power and other types of internal combustion engines.
King’s only product is engine bearings. As a result of its specialization and focus, the company is recognized for producing the highest quality engine bearings available in the market today.
The King line includes OEM replacement rod, main, cam bearings, and thrust washers and its special range of high performance bearings.

What makes King Bearings better than the leading competitor?
King uses the strongest overlay material available for race engines. King’s unique black surface is not just for looks.
The black overlay is a result of their revolutionary hardening process. King creates a surface that’s 24% stronger and offers greater fatigue resistance than other brands.
Not only does it look and feel different, it performs better than your typical racing bearing.
Kings Average Load capacity is a staggering 10,200psi versus most competitors 9,400psi rating. It’s average hardness is 18.1HV compared to 14HV from competitors.
Please check the measurements carefully, because for the H22 engines there are 2 different sizes.

Sizes: STD
Oil Clearance: Standard
Half Type: Identical Halves
Material: Tri-Metal Hardened Steel Backs
Min Std Shaft Size: 1.889in / 47.98mm
Max Std Shaft Size: 1.8898in / 48mm
Min Std Tunnel Size: 2.008in / 51.004mm
Max Std Tunnel Size: 2.0088in / 51.024mm
Max Wall at Crown: 0.0589in / 1.496mm
Max Overall Length: 0.7638in / 19.54mm

Additional Information

Product Code BK-CR4033XP 000
Consumer Price €95.00
Manufacturer King Bearings


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